Why Filter Your Water - 6 Reasons

SO why not drink the best and purest water.

Chlorine ,Taste and Odour reduction

Why Filter Your Water Continued

Town Water Supply

Tap water contains chlorine, lead, copper, pesticides, bacteria and cysts (Giardia & Crytosporidium) and many other pollutants that travel into our water supply dams.

There are also many other chemicals added at treatment plants (up to 40 in total) such as:

Tank and Bore Water

Tank and Bore water can become contaminated from harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites from bird and animal droppings, decaying leaves, atmosphere pollutants and from roof or plumbing materials.

The Microbiological quality of rainwater in tanks will be poorer than many public water supplies.


The buildup of these Bacteria Parasites & cysts can cause:

–    Giardia & cryptosporidium – which cause diarrhoea, vomitting, headaches, gas, abdominal cramps and weight loss.

Crytosporidium can be life threatening for the elderly, sick or those with a weak immune system

Bore Water can also have the added problems of high Iron and Salt levels which can make them unsafe to drink or use in the house

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