Rural, Tank and Bore Water

Ultra Violet (U.V) Sterilisation

Protect your water from pathogens and disease with U.V disinfection systems for drinking water. Great for in the home, office, tank water and rural applications.

Benefits of U.V

Ways To Use UV In Rural Situations

2 or 3 Stage Water Filtration System + UV

1.    Sediment filter (20 to 5 micron – depending on the situation)

2.    Sediment filter (5 to 1 micron – depending on the situation)

3.     Carbon filter – Reduces taste and odours. Also softens the water.  We use high  volume 20 inch big white housings

4.    Ultra Violet light steriliser unit and power ballast –Suited to match flow rates  required

With this system ALL water in the house is filtered making it safe to drink from any tap, shower, basin etc in the house.

Wall mounted (see pic) or free standing cradles (see pic)

The ultimate whole house protection

2. Under Bench + UV System

For drinking water only

2 stage pre-filtration system

This unit is compact and fits neatly under the sink with the UV mounted on top of the filter housings.

So Come On: ReHydrate With The Purest Water Around

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