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Ultraviolet UV GuardUV Guard

Protect your water from pathogens and disease with the UV-Guard S series, UV
disinfection systems for drinking water, process water, warm water and waste
water. Great for in the Home, Office, Rural applications and Travelling.


Benefits of UV-Guard

  • No micro-organism is known to be immune to UV.
  • Economical and efficient operation
  • No harmful by-products – environmentally friendly
  • No risk of overdosing
  • Proven performance
  • Easy maintenance

UV System 3

UV System 1

UV System 2

UV System




2 Ways To Use UV In Rural Situations

1.    Whole House Systems

Whole House System

UV System 1

3 Stage Water Filtration System + UV

1.    Sediment filter (20 to 5 micron – depending on the situation)
2.    Sediment filter (5 to 1 micron – depending on the situation)
3.     Carbon filter – in large volume 20 big white + housings for extra volume and flow.
4.    Ultra Violet light steriliser unit and power ballast –  usually 40 watt lamp (depending on flow required)

With this system ALL water in the house is filtered making it safe to drink from any tap, shower etc in the house.
– lamp is replaced every 12 months
Wall mounted (see pic) or free standing cradles (see pic)

The ultimate whole house protection

2.    Under Bench + UV system

For drinking water onlyundersink system

2 stage pre-filtration system

1.    Sediment filter – reduce rust and sediment
2.    Carbon filter – reduce chlorine, taste, odour and cysts (Giardia and Cryptosporidium)

*     in standard size 10″ housings and white or stainless steel mounting bracket

*    plus separate faucet, high quality and free flowing (several faucet types available)

John Guest fitting and tubing
Ultra Violet light steriliser unit & power ballast
– usually 10 watt lamp (depending on situation)

Lamp is replaced every 12 months

This unit is compact and fits neatly under the sink with the UV mounted on top of the filter housings.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is by far the most advanced and effective way to filter impurities out of water.
At Sunshine Coast Water Filters – ReHydrate we use the Puro-twist 4 stage reverse Osmosis Systems. A high quality and easy to service unit.

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Reverse Osmosis

1.    The first stage reduces silts and sediments
2.    A carbon filter then reduces chlorine, taste, odour, lead and cysts (Giardia & cryptosporidium)
3.    At this stage water is forced under pressure through a semi permeable membrane which removes up to 98% of dissolved solids, heavy metals and impurities in the water.
These waste products are then flushed down the drain to leave you with purified water.
4.     This purified water then passes through another carbon filter for polishing or to further remove taste and odour.
5.    A final or 5th filter can also be added to Alkalise the water if required.

Reverse Osmosis is the Ultimate in water filtration and with Puro twist systems you get a high quality membrane and filter cartridges which are cost effective in service and replacement costs.

Following is a list of chemicals reduced with Reverse Osmosis.

Chemicals Removed by Reverse Osmosis



So Come On:    ReHydrate with the purest water around