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Sunshine Coast Water Filters – ReHydrate Water Filtration has a range of water coolers, chillers and drinking fountains for the home office or workplace. We use the Aqua Cooler range as they are world class in Quality, Reliability and Performance all in an Australian made product.

Products AvailablePoint Of Use BenchtopPoint Of Use Water Cooler

1. Point of Use Water Cooler
The RP series water coolers are freestanding mains connected units available in hot/cold and cool (room temp) and cold.  They come in 3 stylish colours with cup holders if required.  A smaller bench top unit is also available where space is an issue.




2.  Bottle – Water Coolers Bench Top Bottle Water Cooler Bottled Water Cooler
The ‘B’ serious water coolers are also freestanding units with the 15 L bottle mounted on top of the unit.  These  units are suited to situations where a water supply is not close by to where the unit is needed.  Available in both hot/cold and cool (room temp) and cold.  They also come in 3 stylish colours with cup holders if required.
– A smaller bottle bench top unit is also available where space is an issue.



3. Under Bench Drinking Water CoolersAqua Cooler -UB series cooler
The UB series coolers are a compact water cooler designed to fit ‘out of sight’ under the bench in your home, office or workplace. A Robust fully automatic system that provides chilled water and connects easily to filtration systems.  There are 3 models for between 5 to 26 people.  View Brochure




4.  Drinking Water FountainsDrinking Water Fountain
The M-series coolers are a mains connected water cooler/bubblers that provide chilled water on tap. They are of a robust construction with  a stainless steel top.  They come with a bubbler or bubbler/tap filler.  These units come in a Stainless Steel or Ironstone Colorbond Colour with 3 different models catering for between 15 to 18 people .
*There are also wall mounted to wall recessed units available. to suit all your needs.




Under Bench Twin System

Under Bench Twin SystemGreat system for the home drinking water
A compact system that fits neatly under the sink out of sight.
A quality system that reduces sediment, rust, chlorine, taste and odour as well as lead and cysts (giardia & crytosporidium)
This system has a high quality faucet connection that is on the sink/counter top and connects to the under sink filtration system

System Comes With:

  • 2 x 10″ filter housings and mounting brackets
    (stainless steel or white powder coated)
  • 2 x 10″ x 2.5″ filter cartridges
    1 sediment filter
    1 carbon filter
  • Apex pressure reduction valve
  • High quality and free flowing faucets (several options available) see photo
  • John Guest fittings and tubing


UT1 Under Trough Water Chiller

UT1 Under BenchThis new product has been designed to be installed in conjunction with a series of up to 4 bubblers mounted on a drinking trough. This versatile product has a variety of uses in schools, hospitals, mining camps and industry where there is a large volume of water. It delivers 26 litres of chilled water per hour from a three litre tank. Our UT1 is a robust heavy duty water chiller which has been built to the highest standards to ensure reliability and performance.



Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is by far the most advanced and effective way to filter impurities out of water.
At Sunshine Coast Water Filters – ReHydrate we use the Puro-twist 4 stage reverse Osmosis Systems. A high quality and easy to service unit.

How does Reverse Osmosis work?Reverse Osmosis

1. The first stage reduces silts and sediments
2. A carbon filter then reduces chlorine, taste, odour, lead and cysts (Giardia & cryptosporidium)
3. At this stage water is forced under pressure through a semi permeable membrane which removes up to 98% of dissolved solids, heavy metals and impurities in the water.
These waste products are then flushed down the drain to leave you with purified water.
4. This purified water then passes through another carbon filter for polishing or to further remove taste and odour.
5. A final or 5th filter can also be added to Alkalise the water if required.

Reverse Osmosis is the Ultimate in water filtration and with Puro twist systems you get a high quality membrane and filter cartridges which are cost effective in service and replacement costs.

Following is a list of chemicals reduced with Reverse Osmosis.

Chemicals Removed by Reverse Osmosis




So Come On: ReHydrate with the purest water around

All of these units are easily connected
to existing water filtration systems
or ask about our inline filtration options